Jerry Ingram Happy 91st Birthday,

During World War II, Jerry Ingram enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of 15.  By the time he fought on Iwo Jima he held the rank of SSgt and was a tank commander.  Jerry counts himself among the lucky ones on that desolate, violent island.  He was not wounded in the carnage that killed and wounded so many members of his 4th Marine Division.

Over the years, Jerry has served in many capacities in the 4th Marine Division’s veteran’s organization.  He initiate the placement of a memorial monument at Leavenworth National Cemetery to recognize the sacrifices of his comrades.  Each year, Jerry organizes a remembrance on the anniversary of Iwo Jima at the National Cemetery.

Jerry is a true Marine, a survivor and a cherished member of the Marine Corps League.

Happy 91st  Birthday, Jerry!

Semper Fi!

The Detachment Staff


Updated: March 5, 2018 — 11:25 pm